Not sure if the Start-Up Business Program is for you? Let me change your mind!!

Yemi has a job that pays okay but deep down he knows that if anything happens to this job, he is in big trouble (You really can’t live like that Yemi, you need to take a deliberate action)

Felicia is a house wife who knows she needs to support her family, her husband is stressed out with bills or is even out of job now and they can barely feed.

Adams has a passion, an idea he knows will make money but he doesn’t know how to go about it, he knows he needs money to make money but his uncle has been slow about giving him that money (No Adams, your uncle wants to see you have started, he wants to see you are serious, he doesn’t trust your business will work you need to prove to him you are serious by starting it, and I will show you how)

Oluchi simply wants another source of income because her current business suffered during the pandemic.

Tony knows he wants to start a business, he knows what to do. So he says once I get a free N500,000 I will buy my goods then start advertising.

I am here to tell you that you are making many mistakes that this program would help you avoid, save you 5 years of mistakes, save your money and mostly help you make good money and grow your business effortlessly.

This program costs 4 times the amount I am giving you now. With just N15,000 you can be a part of this program. It is practical and is divided into 2 parts and will run for 2 days (at an agreed time), 2 hours each day via Zoom or on-ground if you are in Abuja. We will also have a bonus follow up session a week after for 60 minutes to know the status of your business.

At the end of this Program:

1. You will understand the mindset of a business owner
2. You will understand the 5 W’s of your business
3. You will know how to create a simple business plan to put structure in your business
4. You will Kick off your business literally right there and then during the program.
5. You will understand Marketing Secrets, using technology, and business ethics.
6. You will learn how to grow your business and turn over your profits


You get a one on one with our Lead Consultant during this program to look into your business.

What is special about her? She is a Certified Business Developer, a Start-up Expert and a Business Consultant. Yes, you can call her a “badass’ Business doctor. She has helped over 150 businesses start up, She led a team to train over 3000 SME’s in a Business boot camp across the 6 geo political zones in Nigeria . She is a serial Entrepreneur and runs 3 successful businesses and has a community service program where she teaches and motivates women and children to start their businesses so it’s a passion and heart desire to see your business grow.