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 by Akondu
Excellent service

Coach Martha helped me to be a better business person even before I started my business. The one-on-one session was thorough and she covered everything a start-up owner should know before venturing into their business. I can’t wait to put all of that into practice.

 by Wisdom Uba
Amazing Program 👏

Thanks coach Martha for breaking down what a business structure is. The course helped me to set up a proper structure for my business and a nice organisational chart.
The one on one session made me understand my company financials and that has been my challenge. Thanks for all you do for small businesses out there

 by Fatima Mohammad

This course is really a life saver😃
They’re a whole lot which I tend to neglect and these are the keys to a happy business.
Thank you so much Martha you’re a lifesaver ❤️

 by Floras garden

Thank you coach Martha for helping me understand how to calculate my costing. This was a very big challenge in my have taking our business to the Mount of Everest.

 by Kwame

This one on one session brought to my realization not to overlook
some aspects in my Business "Audience Targeting!"
Thanks Alot👍🏾

 by Jummai Gausa
Business analysis

Wow this came at the right time when i needed to make some changes. With the high cost of product, my business needed a financial review and with the training i just received i now know were am getting it wrong and what i need to do to up grade and scale up . Thank you so much Martha this will really go a long way for my business this 2022 .

 by Munirat Hussaini Abubakar
Business mistakes identified. Learnt separation of personal and business funds.

I am very grateful to my business coach and mentor on the one and one session..i truly learnt a lot alot ...together we identified my mistakes and she helped me to pin down areas that need to be taken care of in other for me to set out at achieving the goals i have for my business success.

I learnt how to separate my personal and business funds.

I learnt how to cut out and save from every business transaction..

I learnt how to advertise and reach my target audience more...

I also learnt how to nurture and keep my clients The session was very educative ..she patiently listened to me as i poured out my business ailments..and as expected when one visits the hospital and sees a consultant, one gets satisfaction from the diagnosis..
I am most grateful for all the assistance she rendered to me..i will adhere to her advices and also take note of what to avoid...i truly got value. I can only say thank you and i pray she gets everlasting success in all her endeavours..
She truly is an amazing person..thank you ma

 by Ogonna Uguru
Business clarity and goal for the coming year

I’m super grateful to Martha for the one-on-one clarity session we had. It was a great opportunity to view my business from a clear, positive, unbiased perspective. Her professional approach to business analysis is worthy of note. I had only thought of my plans for the business without documenting them. However, after our session, I’ve not only put my thoughts down on paper, I have broken them down into actionable plans with target time frames. Thank you Ma for all the input you made and keep making on how to grow and structure my business. They are highly appreciated.

 by Helen Ega

Thank you very much Martha, before now I saw business as something I can never do, I was scared and afraid of starting and failing, not being able to continue with the business.
But now you have giving me the courage to start my business. You have thought me from the basics how to start, groom and maintain a business. I appreciate your candid efforts you are putting in the people you meet. Thank you.

 by Augustina Baba

I just want to thank God for you and the knowledge given to you to teach me. May God bless you for your work.
Also to let you know that i have learned to start my business without anything, your ways of teaching has changed my mindset about business that i don't need to have much before doing or starting my business. MIA is the best woman to meet to bring out the best in you. I intend to start my hair and livestock business with the little I have.

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